Saturday, August 15, 2015


Welcome to the Oswald Innocence Campaign. This site is the culmination of several year's efforts to shine a little light into the dark, damp recesses, the hidden corners behind the refrigerator in the mind of one, Raff Sink *.

Raff * suddenly appeared in the JFK assassination sandbox after becoming the  gleam in the eye of one James H. Fatzer * PhD,  following Jim's nasty public meltdown over the Dr. Judy Would * fiasco in 9/11-ville (third rabbit hole on the left).

Jim stood back among his Education Forum adversaries and promoted this shiny new object in the sand box as an articulate, intelligent purveyor of truth and light in the shape of a Doctor,  skilled in the art of Chiropractic and illegal HGH sales.

Raff * then proceeded to spin yarn, misquote madness, obfuscate the obvious and become the most irritating entity since the tape worm.

Over time, the others in the sandbox realized the new shiny object introduced to them months before turned out to be just another gilded cat turd left in the wake of  another washed up Philosopher of Science.

But before the aroma of the shiny new object was able to ooze through the fissures in it's delicate gold glint........Raff * and "Uncle" Fatzer * decided to start a club.......

* not his real name
As we progress, we will see how the club of conspracists is nothing more than a  thinly veiled facade for the promotion of Raff Sink *.

Raff * set to work...

We will cover many of those "facts" submitted by various members of the OIC. We will also provide examples from other researchers to counter the disinformation and blatant disregard of facts by Raff * and his fellow OIC'ers.

We will try to have some fun along the way, most if not all, at Raff's * expense.

* not his real name

Next  up....the birth of a megalomaniac....


  1. Standing ovation, B !! Thanks !! Raff*s (not his real name*) goose is cooking nice and slow.

  2. It figures that he has super nutcase Tom Rossley as a member. Rossley, Cinque and Fetzer all deserve each other!


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