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Founded In Fetzering

Our look at Raff* Sink's oswald-innocence dot com, should begin at the beginning.

A visit to their home page starts with this...

Most people would think that any organization that commits itself to spreading the truth, would issue examples of truth in carrying out their commitment. Most people aren't familiar with the OIC method of indoctrination. Intimidation followed by insults, name calling and relentless blogging.

Here, the OIC makes 3 major claims....

First, there were ingenious efforts to conceal the fact that Oswald is in Altgens. Secondly, Oswald is absolved of all guilt by being in Altgens and third, Oswald in Altgens is the "smoking gun" of the JFK assassination.

After 3 years of "official" existence, the OIC has yet to provide any evidence of efforts, ingenious or otherwise, to conceal Oswald's existence in Altgens. The OIC position is that they don't have to prove anything. They don't have to prove that Oswald was even in Altgens to make the claim that efforts were taken to conceal his being in the photo and the fact that he isn't in the photo proves that his presence in Altgens was concealed.

Secondly, if the OIC was able to actually prove that Oswald is captured in Altgens, it would have no bearing on whether Oswald was involved in a conspiracy to kill JFK. The OIC can't swing a dead cat for hitting someone captured in Altgens, that WAS, according to the OIC, a part of the conspiracy and the fact that they're in Altgens, makes them guilty as hell. Somehow that stank doesn't waft Ozzy's way.

Lastly, we will see how ridiculous it is for the OIC to use a term like "smoking gun" when trying to prove Ozzy was innocent of busting a cap in the President's ass.

Around here, we call the OIC's methods, fetzering. You will see why, as we journey through the oswald-innocence dot com site. We will cover all of the inconsistencies, bloviations and outright lies, in detail.

After Raff*'s introduction, he immediately redirects you in his effort at self-promotion with three links to show you that a...Raff* wrote a description of a twisted reality, b....Raff* ripped off Eric Clapton and wrote a song, and c...Raff* has a blog.

C will figure deeply in our examination of the antics of the OIC.....

Next, we see this posted...

The truth is, the OIC is using two heavily altered photographs to claim they are telling you the truth.

No where in the two photos above, are you seeing Oswald in the doorway of the TSBD. The photo on your left is a crop of an enlarged section of the Altgens photo, showing Billy Lovelady, the profile of a man that appears to be Carl Jones, standing in front of Lovelady and possibly Bill Shelley, standing behind Lovelady.
The photo has had color tints added.

The photo on the right is a crop of a photo of Oswald in custody and has been purposely darkened. You'll also notice that neither photo has been credited to it's source, which is standard practice at the OIC.

And then we get to this....

We will delve into the above in a moment. First, Gerald McKnights bio...

I did a little checking to see if I could find the quote attributed to McKnight and was successful. I also discovered that Raff* Sink is misquoting Gerald McKnight.

The photo and quote above come from a C-Span broadcast of a meeting of the Mid-American Conference on History in 2012.

The video can be found here:

The misquote above comes from the Q & A session after McKnight, David Kaiser, David Wrone and Max Holland each gave a 20 minute presentation. McKnight was commenting on the fact that the evidence proved that Oswald was not a shooter because ...."nobody has demonstrated to me that Oswald, neither of these two fellows here, that Oswald was in fact on the 6th floor. The evidence is that he was not on the 6th floor. The evidence is that he was in front of the building, I won't go into that. But there are people who saw him in front of the building, uh and it's too much to go in to, but I'm satisfied in my own mind in terms of the evidence, a, Secret Service evidence and other evidence of people who are on those steps, that it was Lee Harvey Oswald who was the man in the doorway."

Now this really grabbed my attention because I know of no evidence or statements by anyone that was standing on the steps of the TSBD, during the shooting, that places Oswald on the steps of the TSBD at the time Altgens was taken. No one...ever.

Raff* Sink has based his multi-year campaign of buffoonery on the claims of Gerald McKnight. He calls McKnight one of the giants backing him up when in reality, McKnight is as good at fetzering as Sink.

Let's look at McKnight's extraordinary claim. And, since McKnight wouldn't go into detail or provide any evidence to back up his claim, we are forced to go straight to his book to find out what in the hell he's talking about.

Let's look at the note referenced...

That's a lot of info and a lot of accusations. Let's simplify it....

McKnight is claiming that Carolyn Arnold "was certain" that she saw Ozzy "on the first floor at 12:25 p.m.". A form FD-302 was filled out by special Agent Harrison. McKnight claims that the time was changed by the FBI agent that wrote up the report.

Here is that report...

Here is the text enlarged...

McKnight wrote in his book that Arnold was "certain" she saw Oswald but as you can see from the actual report, Arnold "thought she caught a fleeting glimpse" of Oswald. "She could not be sure that this was Oswald, but said she felt it was". 

In plain English...she thought, but wasn't sure, but felt she was. That doesn't equate with "certain". 

Next, McKnight claims that the statement above was altered. He also states that the proof that Arnold saw Ozzy at 12:25p.m. is in a different internal memo listing corrections to various statements being sent to the commission.....

This document....

The radiogram above is NOT referring to the FD-302 statement written up by SA Harrison (shown above). It is referring to the statement given by Carolyn Arnold, which was included in a group of statements given by all of the employees that were working for the TSBD and the various publishers that had offices in the building.

The radiogram above is referring to this document....

In the enlarged crop above, you can see where the A of AM was crossed out and changed to a P.

Gerald McKnight is claiming that Arnold's original statement was altered, and the proof is a second document that refers to a typo correction necessary in a third document.

 McKnight had these documents, I would consider his description of what took place as a blatant disregard for the truth.

But it get's better.....

 And the note referenced....

McKnight promotes the idea that Arnold was shocked over the fact that the time of 12:25 wasn't mentioned by the FBI. But when I read the cited article, I come away with a different opinion entirely.

Here is the article...

As you can read above, the "shock" experienced by Carolyn Arnold was mere surprise at the fact her lunch room sighting wasn't mentioned. She reacted to the location not the time frame.
But there was another article written by the same reporter, Earl Golz.

Here is that article...

In this article, Arnold explains her "shock". The FBI attributed a totally false narrative of Oswald being on the first floor to her.

Have we seen evidence of the FBI attributing false statements to other people about matters just as important? Can you say Lovelady's red and white striped shirt?

Recently, Raff* Sink has been yammering to the tune of 10 blog posts a day with about half of those dealing with Carolyn Arnold's statements. He relies on information at written by Don Thomas and to further convolute the entire situation. Raff* gets more wrong than McKnight. We will go into Raff*'s claims when we cover his recent revelations about Oswald's alibi.

This covers one of the people that, according to Gerald McKnight, saw Oswald on the steps outside of the building. Now we will discuss his claims about Secret Service evidence placing Oswald outside.

Again, we go to McKnight's book...

The note referenced...

Secret Service Inspector Thomas J. Kelley filed 3 reports covering the interviews of Oswald in which he participated. Fritz didn't need to pass any information on to Kelley because Kelley was there when Oswald made his comments about a guy with a crew cut approaching him on his way OUT of the TSBD.

McKnight totally misrepresents this entire situation. The Gemberling Report can be found here:

The "Oswald's statements to the FBI" are merely copies of the joint Hosty/Bookhout report and Bookhout's additional reports.

Inspector Kelley's reports along with the Hosty/Bookhout and Bookhout reports can be found here:

Here are excerpts from Kelley's reports:
From his first (which McKnight skips over for some reason)...

If Oswald was outside during the "parade" would he not have seen it ? This direct question and reply by Oswald is in direct contradiction with the impression conveyed by McKnight.

This is from Kelley's third report....

According to Kelley, Oswald said he was standing in front of the building and about to leave it.

He was not standing outside. He was in the front part of the building (more on this in a moment) and about to leave. Oswald could not have seen the individual go to the phone if he was standing in front of the building outside.

More from Kelley's third report....

McKnight implies that Kelley had a "private" interview with Oswald when in fact he says that one of Fritz's men was right there listening in. McKnight writes that Oswald was standing outside of the building right after the motorcade was fired upon and a guy with a crew cut rushed up to him. When you read Kelley's actual words you see that none of that is true. No where does Kelley say that Oswald was outside when any of this took place.

Now, more on the guy with a crew cut...

Again, McKnight describes a meeting outside the depository between Oswald and the crew cut guy.

The note referenced....

Here are the police reports referenced...

Neither report say anything about Allman and Ford interacting with Oswald outside of the building.

Forrest Sorrel's report can be found here:

Here are the excerpts....

None of the "evidence" cited by Gerald McKnight proves that anyone saw Oswald outside of the building during the shooting of JFK. None. None of the "evidence" cited by Gerald McKnight proves that Oswald was "The Man In The Doorway"....None.

No witnesses, no Secret Service evidence.....nothing.

We aren't even half way down the home page of the OIC and already we have enough proof to seriously doubt their commitment to the "truth".

to be continued.......


  1. That post was longer than Gone with the wind

    Posting,Posting, Posting. LOL

    1. but it covered just about everything…….. I've read this post more than once, Robin. B has NAILED it !!! Like the posts of Mr. Scully, this is most informative, as are the images on your excellent site, Robin. Between here and there, we are everywhere !! Thank you both for keeping the faith. Stars in your Crown. +

  2. With this extremely detailed exposé, Ralph Cinque has a big mess on his hands.

    Gerald McKnight's sloppy work has been compounded by Cinque's failure to study the sources.

    The unassailable fact is that after fifty years, not a single eyewitness has ever identified Oswald standing in the doorway. And this includes Oswald himself, who confirmed to reporters that he was INSIDE the building at the time of the shooting.

  3. Lol Robin! It took about 5 hours of digging through Weisberg's archive to find what McKnight was trying to pass off as proof.

  4. wow. wow. This was a magnum opus, B. Thank you. Thank you. May you be so Blessed. + you are the shit, dude.

  5. indeed, to be continued…………...


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