Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Meet Dennis. He's an OIC Senior Member

This is Dennis Cimino.

And here's his resume...

As you can see in his online post, he makes several claims...

Dennis was on a Guided Missile Cruiser. They don't have leading Petty Officers. In fact, there are no "Leading Petty Officers" anywhere in the Navy.

He also makes this claim...

But I find this one hard to validate when his own post states....

Why would the Navy recruit someone that just got their license and wasn't rated to fly at sea? In fact, why would the Navy recruit someone to be a Flight Instructor that never flew a Navy plane? They wouldn't, it's just that simple.

But there's more....

One problem with that...The U.S. Patent Office has never heard of him.

So keep the above in mind when you read the following email, sent by Dennis, to other members of the Oswald Innocence Campaign.

Wow, he's giving his buddy, Jim Fetzer some competition for Mr. Congeniality at the next OIC gala.

Here's a  a link to an article about a recent study on the very claim Dennis makes about Da Joooooos...

It looks like Dr. Elhik does genetic comparison the way Raff* Sink does photo comparison.
But, give Dennis the credit for the hypocrisy of someone that touts their military service and in the same breath blames all wars on some Jew named Rothschild, for whom they just admitted they proudly served?


Pseudo-patriots are the worst.

But he's not alone in his thinking. Jim Fetzer is another Holohoaxer. They say the mass slaughter of Jews during WW II never happened. They both claim that no one died at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

In fact, here is a link to someone that completely dismantles Dennis and his no one died at Sandy Hook claims contained in a book by none other than Jim Fetzer....

Dennis is a perfect example of the Oswald Innocence Campaign brain trust.


  1. As disgusting as this, and they, are, it is also a good thing that these certified lunatics are gathered in one place.

  2. betcha he still eats beef brisket …….. LOL !!!! zaigazunt


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