Wednesday, July 5, 2017

OIC Senior Member Jack White Come Back From the Dead haunt Raff*

After a little searching, I found this......

OIC Senior Member Jack White..."It is certain that the Moorman Polaroid is genuine. There was no time or opportunity to tamper with it..."

Well, would you look at that....Martin's windshield, handlebar and hand on the throttle clearly shown.

Thank you Jack. I'll light a candle for ya.....


  1. When oh when is this VERY tall house of cards a-gonna fall ?

    Even death does not tumble this asshattery, it would seem. Perhaps litigation. Right, Mary ?

  2. I knew Jack White, who, in contrast to Ralph Cinque, was a skilled photoanalyst with extensive training and years of experience. While Cinque sits at a computer and draws upon his imagination for fanciful interpretations, Mr. White focused on the scientific properties of photographic images for his conclusions.

    Mr. White was also one of the first commentators to demonstrate persuasively that Judyth Vary Baker's story did not hold together.

    If he were alive today, Mr. White would never endorse the Oswald Innocence Campaign or subscribe to Cinque's wild theories (Altgens6 alteration, provenance of Moorman photo, Bookhout shooting Oswald). He would find all three of those propositions absurd.

    Regarding Cinque's untenable thesis about Altgens6 alteration, Mr. White would draw the same conclusion as he did about the Moorman Polaroid photo: "There was no time or opportunity to tamper with it….”

  3. Yes, Jack & Judy parted ways early on. The trail of forum threads attest to it.


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