Monday, September 18, 2017

Time To School Ol' Raff*

Yo Raff*...

Here's a capture of a video showing Capt. Robert Crowder in 1964.....and I know that you've seen it.

Hat tip to Steve Roe for the vid!

He's 63 years old in this video.

Here he is at age 54....

In 1968 he turned 67 years old. He's the man on the left in this photo....

In 1968, James Bookhout turned 54. He's the man on the right in the photo above.

You're wrong. Your written claims about James Bookhout shooting Jack Ruby are not only wrong, but vile.

We've come to expect that from you. You're a vile, disgusting excuse for a human being. Instead of admitting that you are wrong, you now want to drag a dead Texas Ranger through the mud. You're the most contemptible person I have ever seen on the net. You should slink away in shame but instead, you act as if you're proud of your slander.

We all thought you hit rock bottom when you called Mary Moorman a liar....we were wrong.


  1. Great work with the photo spread, bpete!

    Ralph Cinque ought to be ashamed of himself!

  2. Ralph should be both embarrassed and ashamed of his newest discoveries. This is terrible that he is insisting that James Bookout killed Ruby.
    Great job exposing all the lies!

  3. These families should file a class-action suit against Mr. Cinque, and have him removed from the internet.

  4. Looks like Harris has been dethroned as the resident kook

  5. One can only wonder how far Raff is going to go with this lie? Maybe he will go to Dallas to recreate the scene where Ruby shoots Oswald. Raff could play Bookout. That would prove that Bookout was short and that he shot Oswald. Right?

    1. That's a good one, Tom. In your description above, you have offered an incisive example of "fetzering," an urban slang term deriving from the name of a retired teacher of logic.

    2. Now, Ralph has taken to comparing the eyebrows of Bookhout on various fuzzy, computer images of old photos. He then speculates on which photographs are "fakes." He never learns from his mistakes, leaning on photographs for wild speculation and unfounded conclusions. What a bunch of garbage!

      A more careful student would take the time to read Bookhout's testimony to the Warren Commission, including this excerpt:

      MR. BOOKHOUT - It was after 11 o'clock, as I recall, the interview terminated. I asked Captain Fritz if he had--if Oswald made any admissions, and he stated that he had not made any. Shortly thereafter he [Oswald] was taken out of the homicide and robbery bureau. I remained in the homicide office.

      Mr. STERN - Did you see him again?

      Mr. BOOKHOUT - Next time I saw him was after a report came out over the intercom system for any homicide and robbery officers to report to the city hall basement. I proceeded to the basement after learning from Lieutenant Baker in the homicide and robbery bureau, who had made a telephone call to the dispatcher to inquire what was going on, that Oswald had been shot. When I arrived in the basement I asked where was Oswald, and they said that he was in the jail office. I asked who had shot him, and I was told an individual by the name of Jack Ruby. I asked where he was. They said, they have already taken him up to the jail.

      Mr. STERN - Fine.

      Mr. BOOKHOUT - Just shortly thereafter the ambulance came, and I observed them roll Oswald out of the jail office on the stretcher.


      In assessing Bookhout as a possible suspect in the shooting of Oswald, it is clear from the testimony above, that Bookhout has an airtight alibi that would be corroborated by Will Fritz and multiple police colleagues for not being at the site of the murder.

      In court of law, Cinque would be laughed right out of the courtroom in arguing his case.

      Case closed!


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