Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The One He Won't Discuss

You can tell when Raff* Sink realizes that he's be debunked. He refuses to acknowledge the evidence.

Here's a perfect example....

Recently, Raff* was talking up a find by OIC Pivot-man Amy Joyce. It was huge in his eye and he touted it a concrete proof that a photo was altered. That was until my last post. I was able to find several examples of the same thing occurring in several photos. And as I predicted, Raff* replied with a feeble response.

Here's Raff*....

Raff* continues...

So Raff* had to admit that lighting can change the appearance of something and make it look like a different color or shade of color but my example didn't show enough change because the hat band ribbon wasn't the same color as the hat (others that were were dismissed as the ribbon just ended, i.e., no ribbon, just hat).

Raff*'s only explanation is that the grey section of the bow was painted in.

In several posts, Raff* refuses to discuss the last photo I provided.

That's Jack Ruby walking toward the courtroom for trial. Look at the only hat in the photo. Raff* decided not to discuss the photo above because it shows his claim as complete bullshit. But then that's how Raff* rolls.The photo above shows the center portion of the bow on the hat band to be as "rigidly distinctive" as Amy Joyce's smoking gun.

Here's another taken seconds later...

Both photos were taken by a Paris Match photographer on March 1, 1964.

Isn't it amazing how a totally black hat band can appear to be the same color as the hat under the right lighting conditions?

Your move Raff*.....

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