Friday, March 30, 2018

Founded In Fetzering Part 3

Let's continue down the rabbit hole created by the members of Oswald's Incompetent Clowns.

On page 2 of their website we see them start with this...

That's a pretty "matter of fact" opening statement by Raff* Sink. The problem is, it's the exact opposite of reality. The issue of Billy Lovelady standing in the doorway of the TSBD was settled for most logically thinking people decades ago. It's the fringe, nut jobs that think they have evidence that disproves not only Billy Lovelady's statements and testimony identifying himself in the photo, but other employees that saw the photo years ago, and identified Billy Lovelady as the mystery person in the doorway. Raff* Sink claims that there is now abundant and compelling evidence that proves, beyond all reasonable doubt, that Lee Harvey Oswald was the mystery man and not Billy Lovelady. The problem for the OIC is that they can't produce any. You will see in the posts that follow, that any "evidence" produced by the OIC is nothing more than half-assed interpretations of photographs or a manipulation of statements by people involved in the events of November 22, 1963 and it's aftermath. Raff* Sink will even deny his own statements on the subject as you will soon see.

Next we have this....

As always the case with the Incompetent Clowns, someone has to tell you what you are seeing. Raff* Sink has spent the better part of six years doing just that. Raff* is informing you that there is a V in the t-shirt of Billy Lovelady and that he knows this because it was the habit of Lee Harvey Oswald to tug on the neck of his t-shirt (more on this in a bit). If you do a little research on the subject, you'll find that most people see Billy Lovelady standing in the doorway with a shadow being cast over the area below his chin. Raff* Sink has been challenged by many to find examples of Lee Harvey Oswald wearing a t-shirt with a stretched neck due to Lee pulling on it but has yet to produce one. He can show you a few examples of Lee Harvey Oswald wearing a t-shirt with a stretched neckline after his arrest on November 22, 1963, but none from any time before. This challenge still stands and has yet to be fulfilled by Raff* or any of the other Incompetent Clowns (again, more on Oswald's damaged t-shirt will be discussed).

Next we see this...

Here we see Raff* get into detail about his "theyory". According to Raff*, there were multiple people "managing" the photographic record in Dealey plaza that day. Somehow, prior to the motorcade, the mysterious "they" determined it would be necessary to oversee all of the people with cameras, both still and motion, that turned out that day to see the President's motorcade. He offers no explanation as to how this was accomplished. He then states that the mysterious "they" were alarmed that Oswald was seen in a photo and somehow manipulated the photo to change Oswald to Billy Lovelady. Raff* will get into more detail later as to how this was supposedly accomplished, but anyone can research the Altgens 6 photo and see that it was taken, processed and sent over the wire to various news media well within an hour after it was taken. You will also find that this photo was used by news outlets and that some news media personnel were the first to bring to the attention of law enforcement, that Billy Lovelady actually resembled (to them) Oswald, and they felt that the authorities should look into the matter and verify that is was indeed, someone other than Oswald in the picture. So much for the mysterious photographic managers.

 Next, Raff* bounces back to the all important clothing....

Raff* is setting you up for his magical wardrobe tour of the JFK assassination. As we will soon see, Raff* turns to his Chiropractic/Starvation Clinic/ Health Spa expertise to delve into the murky world of clandestine fashion failures and their cumulative compelling effect on this now, over 50 year old mystery.
Get ready, it's going be fun.

Now I'm sure you're asking yourself....hey wait a minute. If there was an individual in the Altgens 6 photo that was actually Oswald...and the mysterious "they" wanted us to think it was Billy Lovelady, and the two looked nothing alike, and yet the identification of Oswald is based mainly on his clothing, why would they move some of Billy Lovelady's facial features to Oswald with the result being that people would still see that it was Oswald in the photo and not Billy Lovelady? Better yet, if they were moving Lovelady's facial features over onto Oswald, where was Billy Lovelady in the photo if he were not standing right where he testified he was standing and others identified him in the photo? More importantly, if they could move this or that, why in the hell didn't they just get rid of the photo? They were managing the photographic record, weren't they?

Before we're done you're going to come up with many more questions so why don't you make a list and I'll provide you with several ways for you to send them to Raff*.

Next, Raff* has the esteemed James H. Fetzer, PhD, explain to us how we need to think about what Raff* tells us we need to see, when looking at all of this compelling evidence we are about to have placed before us.

James H. Fetzer, PhD, is the least qualified individual to explain anything "scientific" to anyone. James H. Fetzer, PhD, has spent the past 40+ years creating the worst record of anyone in the conspiracy world regarding everything from the JFK assassination, the 9/11 incidents, the 7/7 bombings in the UK, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings right up to the most recent Parkland School shootings in Florida. He has joined the ranks of the Holohoaxers and has morphed into one of the biggest jokes on the world-wide conspiracy circuit. He has embraced the pathological liar Judyth Vary Baker and because of doing so, both were booted from the OIC for a period of time. It's still a big laugh to most people that he was begged to return to the OIC by Raff* Sink, when his clown college needed a boost of credibility.

I'll stop here for now. Next, I'll pick up with Fetzer's continuation of his "scientific" reasoning.....

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