Sunday, June 18, 2017

Raff* Can't Tell His Moorman From His Muchmore

Raff* Sink, Founder and Senior Member of Oswald's Incompetent Clowns likes to play word games to justify his total incompetence, when it comes to photographic interpretation.

For years, Raff* has maintained that the famous Moorman photo was not taken by Mary Moorman but by the unknown Babushka Lady. Raff* maintains that Moorman was "bamboozled" by the FBI when the agency "switched" photos on her, while they had possession of the original during their investigation.

Raff* Sink is an incompetent clown.

The following are screen caps of Raff*'s blog where he is trying to defend his claim against detractors on McAdams' forum.

The following is a diagram I created, to show that Mary Moorman's line of sight and Marie Muchmore's line of sight are not similar.
(I included Babushka Lady's line of sight because it will become relevant as you will see, shortly.)

Raff* continues...

Raff* uses descriptive words like "squarely","perpendicular" and "diagonally" without any explanation or context to try to make his bogus interpretation sound legit. As you can see by my diagram above, the section of Elm Street that the limo was riding upon when captured by Mary Moorman, was a series of reverse curves. The roadway, at the location of the fatal headshot, had a negative 3 degree slope. I have to point out for Raff*'s sake, that in relationship to the longitudinal center line of the limo, Moorman and Muchmore's line of sight was diagonally across the car. Regardless of what Raff* claims, their photos prove my point. Cameras shoot straight. Raff* doesn't. Just look at his diagram for proof.

Raff* continues...

See what I mean about word games? Raff* claims that one angle was more acute, more eccentric, yet it was similar. If one angle is more acute than another, then the only similarity is that they are both angles. Raff* is incorporating a bait and switch in his description. He claims that Babushka Lady's perspective was similar to Muchmore's but he's showing you Moorman's and Muchmore's photos, and claims that Moorman couldn't have produced the image above. The only thing that Raff* gets correct in the description above, is that on the right, we are looking at Martin's front tire.

He continues....

No, it isn't, as we will see, Muchmore captured Martin's tire, Moorman captured Hargis' tire.

Raff* totally misinterprets Moorman's photo, on purpose.

Now, about his comment concerning the white thumbprint. No one needed to "vanish" Martin from the Moorman photo because the only part we see of Martin in Moorman's photo is his lower right arm and right hand.

Raff* ignores the fact that the FBI made copies of Moorman's photo before the white thumbprint appeared on the photo. 

Here is the Moorman photo without the white thumb print and you can see that the only part of Martin's body captured, is his lower right arm and hand. His front tire is below the view frame of the photo. Raff* is purposely deceptive.

Now Raff* wants to bitch about the FBI copy so let's go back to the original Polaroid.
Here is the copy of the photo taken of the actual photo...

And here is Josiah Thompson's version...

Raff* continues his deception...

We are not seeing Babushka Lady taking the Moorman photo. If Babushka Lady is taking a photo or shooting a movie, she would capture the backs of the motorcycle officers. She would not capture Officer Hargis' front tire as seen in Moorman. Raff* has no clue as to who is in front of whom. You can clearly see that Officer Hargis (closest to the limo) is further down Elm St. than Officer Martin. Raff* purposely describes the photo as showing the opposite of what it shows. He has to.

Raff* continues...

The description by Raff* above is complete bullshit. From the time that the Officers' motorcycles reached Mary Moorman, until the headshot, Officer Martin was never in front of Officer Hargis at any time. How do we know? Zapruder was directly across the street filming...

Click on photo for larger view
Raff* wraps it all up....

I'd like to provide one last reminder of Raff*'s incompetence. Here is his attempt to reproduce the Moorman photo. I superimposed his photo on Moorman's.

The only thing Raff* accomplished was proving that I was correct in my assertion that Martin's right arm could be captured in Moorman's photo.

Let's recap...
Fact: Martin's front tire is not captured in Moorman's photo.
Fact: Zapruder proves Martin was never in front of Hargis from the time they reached Moorman until the headshot.
Fact: Raff* Sink is Fetzering.

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