Friday, June 23, 2017

Raff* Might Want To Back Up

Nah....he's gonna stand by his claim.

As usual. Raff* gets it completely wrong. You're looking at the rear end of a Dallas Police Department Ford Galaxie sedan.

But let's let Raff* describe it.....


We have shown Raff* to be a blithering idiot countless times. Here's one more.
Here is the YouTube video that Raff* linked to on McAdams forum....

At about 13:00 you'll see Capt. Will Fritz walking toward the car and the car will back into the frame.
Notice the tail lights. They're unlit at first ...

Then when the driver hits the brakes, they light up...

Your looking at the rear end of a Ford Galaxie....

Just shut up Raff*....


  1. Nice one, B.

    I wonder what it will be next week?

    Raff*'s happy, he's in one of Fetzer's books from the Jabba publishing house, moonrocks.turd. the same book that mentions Judy, Larry, Peter, the whole gang !!!

  2. Raff jumping the gun on the whole "headlights" theory, and accusing Officer Dhority of lying to the Warren Commission gives new meaning to the phrase "Rush To Judgement" (pun intended).


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