Sunday, April 8, 2018

Founded in Fetzering Part 6

I continue with the post of James H. Fetzer, PhD, (at least the part that Raff* Sink hasn't altered....yet) on The Oswald's Incompetent Clowns website.

He has explained with twisted logic that supposedly Oswald was out front, in the entryway, of the Texas School Book Depository, when President was shot. He has claimed that Billy Lovelady, seen in the Altgens6 photo, is actually Oswald. All evidence to date has proven this claim to be false.

Fetzer is now describing his first interaction with starvation clinic guru, Raff* Sink.....

Circular reasoning. That the Altgens6 was altered....the OIC has yet to show any proof that the photo was altered. That the Altgens6 was altered, it would only have been altered if someone had been there who should not have been there. The OIC has yet to show that anyone was in the photo that wasn't supposed to be there. The only person who could have been there that wasn't supposed to be there was Oswald. The OIC has yet to prove that Oswald was in the photo.

The Altgens6 photo would have only been altered if Oswald was in the photo. Oswald was in the photo, therefore it was altered.

Enter Raff* Sink....

Actually, the clothing of Lee Oswald was taken into consideration by researchers over the years, when it comes to the claim that Oswald was in the doorway. Through emphasizing FBI malfeasance and unadulterated bullshit, the OIC has proclaimed to have re-solved a mystery that was settled many years before.

Fetzer emphasizes the detail. Something hard to do when you consider that their "Doorman"'s clothing seen in Altgens6 consists of a shirt and a partially exposed t-shirt. The position of the OIC has morphed over the years where originally, Raff* Sink was claiming that their "Doorman" was wearing a plaid shirt and that Oswald's shirt at a distance, took on a plaid appearance to no the shirt is in no way plaid to finally come full circle and claim that the mysterious "they" altered Oswald shirt to look plaid. Fetzer ends this section by claiming that Lovelady went to the FBI and showed them the shirt he wore that day, an "incredibly implausible thing to do unless it were true". The problem is that it isn't true.

As you will find on the pages of the OIC, Raff* Sink and Richard Hooke have half-assed their way to try to convince the world that they have exonerated Oswald. To date, the OIC and it's collective clown posse has yet to provide any proof that Altgens 6 was altered. Anyone familiar with Fetzer knows full well that he relies on his "expertise" in scientific reasoning yet falls short in exhibiting any, on any subject.

More circular reasoning. The OIC cannot produce any proof that Altgens 6 was altered. None.

In the case of Oswald telling Fritz that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front", the FBI contained it in one report and Bill Shelley was specifically questioned about that by the FBI and the Warren Commission.

This is the statement made by Bill Shelley to the FBI....

Shelly's testimony before the WC....

It stands to reason that the FBI and the Warren Commission questioned Shelley specifically about Oswald leaving work because of what Oswald told Fritz in the presence of the FBI.

Now, let's discuss Fetzer's scientific reasoning and the "inference to the best explanation". The OIC claims that Oswald had to mean that he was out with Bill Shelley in front during the shooting. Every report that covers Oswald's comment about where he was during the shooting state that Oswald said he was on the first floor. Secret Service Inspector Kelley specifically asked Oswald if he had watched the parade and Oswald said no. The OIC claim that Bill Shelley left the front of the TSBD immediately after the shooting  has been shown to be false.

Now which explanation is the best....Oswald was exactly where he said he was during the shooting or everyone that wrote a report lied, a photograph that hit the news wire within an hour of the shooting was secretly altered by the mysterious "they" and everyone standing next to Bill Shelley was able to cover up the fact that Oswald was right out front with them the whole time.

Fetzer continues....

The statement above proves that James H. Fetzer, PhD, is a loon. And I'm not the only one that thinks so.

While there is no reasonable alternative to his hypothesis that Oswald was the "Man in the Doorway", there is certainly a preponderance of testimonial and photographic evidence proving that the man was Billy Lovelady.

That wraps up the Overview page of the Oswald's Incompetent Clowns website. Next we will move on to the Oswald page.....

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  1. Good work in identifying (1) the absence of both a scientific foundation and careful reasoning for the Oswald-in-the-Door theory and (2) the use of circular reasoning to sustain their unproven hypothesis.

    Fetzer and Cinque have proven nothing and have failed in advancing in the slightest way our understanding of the assassination of President Kennedy through their untenable Doorman theory.

    The only point I would add to your critique is the matter of decorum that both Fetzer and Cinque are unable or unwilling to model in discourse on the internet. Both of them have been banned from all of the major JFK forums, due to their doctrinaire positions and verbally abusive treatment of others. In the case of Cinque, the abuse has even included personal threats to others.

    It is their disgraceful conduct and lack of common courtesy that I find so despicable and abhorrent. It doesn't seem to matter to Fetzer and Cinque that their strongest critics share with them the view that Oswald was innocent of the assassination of President Kennedy.


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