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Founded In Fetzering Part 7a

Next, I will go through the two pages on the OIC website that cover Oswald and Lovelady. I am combining the two pages because the OIC refers to one in the other and because the information contained in the two is redundant in many respects.

Throughout these two pages, Raff* Sink consistently shows his selective process or "cherry picking" of statements, comments and reports when arriving at his erroneous conclusions. I will also try to insert examples of Raff* contradicting himself over the years as he has had to backtrack on several items of contention.

This part 7 will be continued in several posts.

Let's begin...

The overlay in the OIC page is a GIF file that shows the image on the right slowly fading into view. Larry Rivera did an entire "scientific paper" on the methods used to produce the image on the right. In his "scientific" process, he admits that he took a copy of the Altgens 6 photo and enlarged it to get the image on the left. As you can see, the image has been enlarged to the point of wiping out much of the detail. You can also see the beginnings of squares that are a result of the pixelation process on computer monitors.

Here is an example that we will see later in the discussion of Raff*'s famous Lovelady's arrow...

Larry Rivera also revealed that the image of Oswald used in his fade-in GIF was altered, flipped and tinted to achieve the desired effect. We all know that altering, flipping and tinting photos to reach a desired outcome is accepted by all as a part of the "scientific method"<insert eye roll here>.

Rivera used two programs to achieve his desired effect...Photo Shop and some other screen capture program. You can do the same thing with Corel's Paintshop by creating layers and then using Snag It to take a screen shot of the photo at different opaqueness levels and the using Windows Movie maker to join each individual shot into a GIF movie.

What Raff* describes as the "most advanced image analysis that has ever been done" is nothing more than a photo trick that can be accomplished by anyone with the patience to produce a series of screen captures and make a movie.

So let's move on...

If thinking that the general likeness of Oswald and Billy Lovelady in Altgens 6 is "truly breathtaking", then you'll really be amazed when you see how much Billy Lovelady looks like Billy Lovelady in Altgens 6.

Notice that Raff* says that "skillful efforts were applied to alter Doorman's facial features" and then clarifies it by saying "and really just the top of his head and his hairline". This is because the OIC has had to constantly backtrack on claims about "facial alterations" and what you are reading is the end result of infighting among OIC members due to Raff* being at odds with Fetzer and former OIC member Richard Hooke as to the extent of facial features being altered by the mysterious "they".

Raff* comes out of the gate with an out and out lie. Billy Lovelady didn't not claim for "months" to have worn a short sleeved shirt with red and white stripes. He did not go to the FBI and show them that shirt. As we will see, the FBI attributed to Lovelady the claim of wearing a short sleeved shirt with red and white stripes on the day of the assassination and as we saw with the statements of Carolyn Arnold (See Founded In Fetzering Part 1) the FBI had a bad habit of attributing statements to people that never made them. Billy Lovelady identified himself in the Altgens 6 photo when questioned by the FBI, the day of the assassination

So, we have noticed that Oswald and the OIC "Doorman" wore long sleeves and had a partially unbuttoned shirt. Then Raff* asks the question "is there any evidence that Billy Lovelady wore his shirt that day, also unbuttoned"? The answer is yes, but Raff* doesn't tell you that. When confronted with the evidence that Lovelady's shirt was worn partially unbuttoned, Raff* claimed that the evidence was faked.

Here is where Raff* admits that he was made aware that Lovelady didn't wear a short sleeved, red and white stripped shirt on the day of the assassination...

 Here is a screen cap of that video...

When Raff* realized that he just admitted that all of his bullshit was bullshit....he changed his tune and played the "fake" card. You'll see that in a bit.

It makes no difference that the Warren Commission ever asked Billy Lovelady about how he wore his shirt because he was directly asked about being in the Altgens 6 photo and he showed them where he was in the photo while testifying. Raff* then twists the facts again we he states that Lovelady certainly would have been in the position to contradict some of the HSCA's findings because Lovelady was interviewed by the HSCA prior to his unexpected heart attack. Lovelady stated in a taped interview that the FBI was waiting for him when he and his wife arrived home the night of the assassination about 6:00 pm and showed him a blow up of the Altgens 6 photo and he identified himself as the man in the doorway.

Another huge omission by Raff* Sink is that the shirt worn by Oswald when he was arrested, was not worn by Oswald at the TSBD. Now, Raff* is going to claim that "even the Warren Commission came to the conclusion that Oswald's arrest shirt was the same" but the Warren Commission also came to the conclusion that Oswald shot Kennedy so..... if we are to believe the Warren Commission......

Raff* continues....

Actually, it was not "sunken" into a crude vee on either of them. Raff* Sink and former OIC member Richard Hooke have tried to pass a stretched neck on Oswald's t-shirt as a "thumb tugged" vee for years. There is not a single member of the OIC that can produce a photo of Lee Oswald in a vee necked t-shirt, "thumb tugged" or otherwise. They can only produce pictures of Oswald with a stretched t-shirt after his arrest. When Lee Oswald was arrested, his t-shirt was stretched to the point it was almost coming off his shoulders. Raff* and Richard both know this and the only evidence for their claim is a comment made by one Anthony Bothello that stated he recognized Oswald in Altgens 6 because Oswald would use his thumb to tug and stretch the neck of his t-shirts to make them more comfortable. Strange that in all of the interviews given to the FBI by Bothello, he never mentioned that "fact".

Here is Oswald being marched out of the Texas Theater. The cop in the helmet behind Oswald is holding Oswald by the back of his shirt....

And here is Oswald entering the DPD....

You can see how stretched his T-shirt is

Raff* spend an inordinate amount of time making obtuse statements and asking obtuse questions to avoid the obvious. He has to. It's the only way he can weave a narrative to support his claims. The Dallas Police didn't need to ask Billy Lovelady whether his shirt was sprawled open because he was siting right in front of them with his shirt sprawled open.

Bringing food up and down his open shirt? Guys all over the world eat meals every day with their damned shirt sprawled open. But then, as infantile as Raff* Sink is, I guess he's the only guy that would need a fucking bib. He's an idiot that thinks the world is full of idiots that believe his bullshit.

Here is a capture from the Dave Wiegman film. It is estimated to have been taken within a second of Altgens 6...

There's Billy Lovelady with his shirt sprawled open. Now, Raff* has a simple explanation for all of these instances of Billy's sprawled shirt....they're fake.

Actually, the most widely circulated image of Lovelady from 22 November is Altgens 6 on the left, not the image on the right. But then Raff* never was one for facts. He enjoys the world of make believe.

The two figures above are Billy Lovelady. Fact.

Raff* mentions Mary Bledsoe as evidence that Oswald's buttons were missing. What Raff* doesn't tell you is that the FBI coached Mary Bledsoe in her testimony by showing her the shirt prior to her appearance before the Warren Commission. And here we have Raff* relying on the Warren Commission agreeing with him that Oswald didn't change his shirt after arriving at his rooming house and before going to the Texas Theater. Raff* even quotes the famous Mae Brussell who quotes Oswald: "When I left the Texas School Book Depository, I went to my room where I changed my trousers, got a pistol, and went to a picture show"

The problem is, Oswald never said that. Mae Brussell changes Capt. Will Fritz's comments in his report included in the Warren Commission exhibits.
It was even in Fritz's notes....

You remember those notes that Raff* says we must believe. Well, Fritz's report also stated this....

and wouldn't you know...those all important must be believed notes contain this....

But wait...there's more...Secret Service Agent Kelley was there as well....

I'll stop here and let all of the obfuscations by Raff* sink in....

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  1. Good, detailed work in exposing more flaws in Ralph Cinque's unpersuasive articles and blog posts.

    In the exposé above, it is clear that Ralph Cinque

    (1) cherry picks the evidence to support his foregone conclusions;

    (2) twists factual information to his own ends;

    (3) badly misreads source documents, including the notes of Will Fritz and the evidence from the Warren Commission;

    (4) makes major changes in his interpretations when his flawed reasoning is pointed out to him; and

    (5) makes liberal use of hyperbole in claiming that his research is scientific in nature.

    If you add circular reasoning and the absence of basic photographic interpretive skills, then you have Ralph Cinque in a nutshell.


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