Monday, April 2, 2018

Series Note 2

This current series of dismantling the Oswald Incompetent Clown's website has caused Raff* Sink to do some alterations.

Two days ago he decided to take it upon himself to change the words of former Chairman James H. Fetzer, PhD. Last night, Raff* Sink was back at it, making corrections and "bolstering" his information.

This is just an example of the maniacal ego of Raff*. He has emphatically claimed that what we all see as an elbow, is not an elbow....

This is how he described my photo on his blog....

And here is where he describes his changes...

"Bolstered" the hell out of that didn't he....

But I need to take this moment to remind Raff* and inform my readers that this very subject was covered separately by the Former Chairman of the OIC, James H. Fetzer, PhD, and the Current Chairman of the OIC Larry Rivera, APS (auto parts salesman).

Back in March 2013, Fetzer and Rivera published an article on the Veterans Today website and Fetzer as was his habit, copied the publication on the Education Forum.

You can read it here:

In that article, Rivera shows these photos.....

These two Einsteins are too dense to realize that the strange light streak or artifact that is not a part of the limo is actually the top of the flag post on the front fender of the limo.
Both the former and current Chairman of the OIC agree that the man that Fetzer originally though was Bill Shelley, is shielding his eye, making an elbow an elbow. (I think Fetzer still contends that it is a whiteout patch in Altgens but I lost interest some years back. He's a whack job.)But, they think the person below the elbow guy is Buell Frazier. It's not.

They continue...

Actually, Frazier testified he was one step down in the doorway when he was describing where he was first located. He also identified Billy Lovelady as the OIC's 'Doorman" in the Altgens 6 photo and stated that he (Frazier) was standing back in the shadow to block the sun from his eyes at the time of the photo. But the strange this is, Fetzer, Rivera and Raff* all ignore Frazier's testimony that his coat was in the basement when he went outside for lunch and therefore could not be dressed in black in the Altgens 6 photo.

The mysterious person in black has been identified as Ruth Dean...

Raff* Sink has turned the OIC website into his personal soap box. I doubt that many, if any of the members listed on the front page actually have read or read the site to stay current. It's a one man band at the OIC and the head buffoon is Raff* Sink......


  1. Professor James Henry Fetzer has recommended an article by Judyth Vary Baker as essential to understanding the Altgens6 photo. The article appears in one of Fetzer’s blogs entitled "Judyth Vary Baker Cements Oswald in the Doorway":

    Unfortunately for Professor Fetzer and Doctor Ralph Cinque, Baker's article does the exact opposite of “cementing” their theory by offering a scientific explanation for tiny anomalies in the Altgens photo. Here is Baker’s discussion of how film emulsion in photographic development techniques of 1963 may produce imperfections in the finished still photo:

    “The Doorway Figure is so small in the Altgens6 photo that it can scarcely be seen at all. When this part of Altgens6 is magnified, various smears and lines suggest retouching or rough handling. Brownian motion in the emulsion of the film could have created some of these anomalies.”

    In other words, what appears at first glance to be "retouching" of the photo may be explained by "Brownian motion in the emulsion.” When Ralph Cinque reaches for wild and unsubstantiated conclusions about photoshopping the Altgens6 ("Somebody put a dab of the photographic equivalent of Wite-out there,” and “later, it was converted into an elbow”), he has no idea what he is talking about. As explained by Baker, in the process of developing the photo, the chemicals may account for what appear to be "blotches" when the small images are magnified.

    Thus, Judyth Vary Baker’s article, which Fetzer claims to “cement” Oswald’s presence in the doorway, instead suggests that we must be cautious in drawing conclusions about photographs without a full understanding of the minutiae of photographic processing technology in 1963.

    Read this article by one of your former members, Ralph! It comes highly recommended from Professor Fetzer!

  2. Looks as though Cinque has come full circle.

    After 3-months wandering around in the DPD basement car park
    he has finally resurfaced above ground.

    Having NOTHING new to discuss, he has decided to go back to the beginning, and start the whole Doorman in Altgens 6 fiasco again.

    Fetzer must be thrilled that Cinque is altering his statements, and putting words in his mouth without his knowledge ?

    1. I kinda provoked him on this round. I'm going through and tearing up every damn paragraph. lol

  3. One of the implications of the analysis above by bpete is that Ralph Cinque and his cohorts have failed to arrive at a consensus about the identities of the people standing in the doorway. For years, Cinque, et. al. identified the man below Doorman as Roy Lewis. Later, he reversed himself, changing the name of Roy Lewis to Carl Jones. Apparently, there has also been confusion about the position of Bill Shelley, as noted by bpete above. Another discrepancy comes with conflicting identifications of Buell Frazier and Ruth Dean as the bystander wearing black clothing.

    With such sloppy work, how is possible to take seriously Cinque’s theory about Oswald in the doorway, when he cannot achieve clarity on the identities of the other bystanders?

    One of the most hilarious escapades of Cinque was his visit to Dallas for an onsite "recreation" of the figures standing in the Doorway of the TSDB at the time of the assassination. For the photo shoot, Cinque cast himself in the leading role of Doorman. It is funny to see Cinque standing with arm outstretched in his ludicrous impersonation of Doorman. Here is Ralph, mugging for the camera:

    But to what purpose?

    The question is what on earth was he trying to accomplish in that recreation, if he cannot even identify with certainty the people under the portal?


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